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Video Shows Rotation of Earth Compared To Milky Way In Night Sky and Viewers React

This is a cool perspective.

This video shows the rotation of the Earth while viewing the Milky Way with a time-lapse camera employed. The landscape provides a good viewpoint for perspective. Viewers of the video react with everything from positive reviews to confessions of feeling a bit dizzy.

It is posted to TikTok by user @everything_astro and is worth a look.


"Great shot!" one commenter writes.

"Love this!" says another.

"The fact that we're all 'things' on a floating ball makes me spiral," confesses a user.

One fan of the video asks for more: "Can you do most beautiful planets?"

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"This made me feel first lockdown blues," writes a user.

"Love the new perspective," praises another.

One notes a specific aspect of the video, namely "the rise of the light pollution."

"Waiting for comments from flat-earthers," baits a video viewer.

We thought this was a great perspective and we thank the poster for sharing the video.

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