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Video: These Super Hot Cars Make This The Coolest Driveway You've Ever Seen

"Bro buys cars like I buy hot wheels," writes a commenter.

Packed with colorful luxury sports cars, this Utah driveway is a sight to behold. The question being asked is, if you could take one of these cars, which one would it be?

Take a look at this video posted to TikTok by user @thestradman and see what you think.


"The pink Lambo all day," writes a commenter that seems to know exactly what he wants.

"Bro buys cars like I buy hot wheels," says another.

Another observes, "Bro got Skittles in his driveway."

"Ferrari," writes a viewer of the video. "You are a true man of taste."

"Just being his neighbor and seeing those cars everyday must be sick in its self," says another.

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"Any day I’m taking a $2.6 million dollar Veyron," writes a commenter.

One says he would take the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster.

"How you live with these gas prices, man?" asks a questioner.

Another states he wants the TRX.

"I would want to have that Ferrari but also not get blacklisted," remarks a user.

Either way, that's a great collection of fine automobiles. It's easy to imagine how the driveway would brighten the days of people passing through the neighborhood.

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