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Vintage Motorized Rolodex Shows Just How Far Technology Has Come

Remember the good old days of the Rolodex?

It may seem odd to some people, but all the digital technology and smart phone devices we use every day used to not exist. For the first century-plus of the telephone's existence, it was a metal device with a receiver that required connection via operator or direct dialing, either rotary or by push-button. Instead of sitting in pockets, most were either drilled into walls and sat on tables or desks. 

Before phones had any digital capabilities, saving numbers was a laborious process that required writing numbers down or being able to look them up in a phone book. Many offices contained a device that sat on desks and kept names with numbers on rings for quick reference - the rolodex. Looks like TikTok user @lookmumnocomputer found an older version of this antiquated device that brings us back to a simpler time. 

I don't think I've ever seen an electronic Rolodex so that is an incredible find. The model looks really old, not just from the outdated type and mechanisms, but take a look at the phone numbers that appear once the spinning stops. Those are five digits that appear, not seven or ten, as part of the 2 letter-5 number system that existed between the 1920s into the 1960s. 

Commenters marveled at the older technology and its practicality. Rinkz187 mentioned, "Now kids this is how you connect to the matrix." "I haven't seen an auto dialer rolodex since I was a little kid. nice find," remarked Stephen Hawk Jr. Been jammin replied, "that's a brute force phone book."

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