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Hapless Man Straps On Virtual Reality Headset and Everything Goes Hilariously, Horribly Wrong

A followup video confirms the man is okay after the incident.

A man with apparently little virtual reality gaming experience straps on a headset at the urging of the company in the living room. He's game for the adventure, but a little warning and preparation could have prevented an unfortunate but all-too-predictable outcome. Check out the video below to see what happens.


Uploaded by @itsnotjackson, TikTok users react in the comments section. (A followup video notes the man is okay after the incident.)

"It was an act of God," suggests commenter @bigserge713.

"Just for your information," writes @th15_1s_m3, "They make you put up a barrier for a reason."

"That's not how the barriers work," says @settle82. "They don't catch you in the air."

"I just don't understand how this happens so much," wonders @jpcorrigan9.

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"People put those headsets on and forget their body is still in the real world," surmises @blkmonte01.

"Do people put this on and think they actually teleport or something?" asks @siggy1223 incredulously. "It's common sense that it's a game."

"I play VR a lot," says @paleandgangly. "I know 100% of the time I am just in my living room. It’s bananas that people get this immersed."

An unsympathetic @carlos281tx has a different concern. "Is the coffee table okay?" he asks.

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