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Video of Cool Voice-O-Graph Machine Makes Us Want to Record Our Own Record

This would be a lot of fun!

We have seen major advancements in technology that has made some services only performed by trained professionals available to at-home hobbyists and others. Many times, the costs of accessing these technologies or equipment were prohibitive to many and prevented them from getting involved with certain pursuits, which often meant some groups and perspectives would not participate. However, in recent years, more people have been able to do more either on their own or in smaller groups, with more accessible programs and software. 

One significant consequence of applications like Apple's GarageBand or Adobe Audition is allowing artists of different levels the opportunity to record their own music with their own recording software. However, some performers like the traditional technologies of recording music. TikTok user @imogenclarkmusic shows us how "easy" it is to use older machines to record music. 

I'm sure like many viewers, acknowledging "Weird" Al Yankovic as a "personal hero" is a good way to score points. While footage of artists in recording studios laying down tracks with recording engineers and producers (with or without requests for more cowbell) is common, imagine trying to do that is a one-person studio with a single instrument. The poster looked a bit cramped so I'm not sure how Al was able to play the accordion in that booth. 

Commenters provide some wonderful support for the artist. "What a neat experience, and your new song to boot!!," replied jvdthunder. Bryce Brittenham noted, "This is hitting like all of my music and mechanical tech interests. This is SOO cool I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of these things before." "Me and my buddy squeezed into that thing with a guitar lol. It was tight but it’s one of my favorite records in my collection," recalled justinblakenship31.  

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