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Grandpa Recreates 'Wall-e' Robot for Grandson's Birthday and It's Amazing

People are getting emotional over seeing this.

While technology has created divides between generations, some things are still able to bridge those gaps, like movies. Families still can bond over films, especially when it's a family film that reminds the older generation of what they loved when they were young and can talk about with the children of today. That connection is so important to passing on traditions and values that families cherish. 

We have seen efforts made to help older folks adapt to new technology, as we have established this is a significant way to keep their minds sharp and stay connected with loved ones. Some have even been able to learn the new tricks of technology and use that to share what they love with others. This video by TikTok user @ziggy_nonskid shows how one grandpa combined both technology and a popular film in an amazing way.

That might be the coolest "homemade" gift I've ever seen. Not only does this grandpa have his own TikTok account (a feat that deserves its own accolades) but he also built a robot based on a movie that was a cartoon! Hopefully he can send us a how-to video after his grandson gets the gift on how he made Wall-E because I'm sure this could be a great project for some with the holidays approaching.

Suffice to say, the commenters got this one right in the feels. "Omg I wish you were my grandpa," responded Marrr and the doggos. Jenn Stevens claimed, "I yelled when he came out of the box! That’s amazing!" "OMG, please post his reaction!" requested francesca.johnson81. 

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