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Watch From Two Sweet Angles As Evel Knievel Stunt Bike Toy Sails Through the Air Off a Jump

But does the toy motorcycle stick the landing?

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This man has a great hobby. He uses an Evel Knievel Stunt Bike and a camera to set up majestic jumps for the toy in the style of the old motorcycle daredevil. And these efforts turn out to be fantastic videos.

This one is supplied by TikTok user @porterseveljumps.


"That's awesome," says a commenter.

"I thought you had hit max coolness, then this!" writes another.

This viewer of the video is congratulatory and grateful at the same time. "You did it! Thank you very much!"

Another video watcher is impressed with this aspect of the endeavor: "Never took his hands off the bars. That’s so gangsta!!"

"I approve this video!!" writes an excited fan. "Need more of this content! Great view!!"

"That is a great shot! I knew he could do it," praises another.

This user has just one word for it: "EPIC."

"Best one yet dude," a commenter writes.

"Oh man, sweet jump!" someone says.

We agree. This video is great fun and a cool blast from the past.

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