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Watch How Man Expertly Pilots Drone to Clear a Path For Its Own Landing

This drone pilot shows off a bit and has a plan.

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In a cool clip, a drone pilot tests out some nifty moves and expertly flirts with the ground as it clears a spot to touch down. Check it out in this video posted by TikTok user @simonwallaceblakely.


The difficult part here is the aggressive close contact with the ground with the utilitarian purpose of exposing a clean spot to land.

If you are interested in piloting a drone, here is some information that can help you get started. Not all aspiring commercial pilots or hobbyists are on the same level. To help you work on specific skills, UAV Coach has put together a series of pages that will help you get started, divided topically and organized into these specific areas:

  • Getting Started, Drone controls
  • The pre-flight checklist
  • How to get your drone off the ground
  • How to hover in mid-air and land your drone
  • Flying your drone left/right and forwards/backwards
  • How to pilot your drone in a square pattern
  • How to fly a drone in a circle
  • How to rotate your drone
  • Flying a drone continuously
  • Different milestones to pass
  • Advanced drone flying techniques
  • Next steps

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