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Watch Man's Quick Reaction When A Car Starts Rolling Backward Down His Street

This is when surprise leads to action and it must happen in a hurry.

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A security camera looking out over a man's front yard and driveway captures the moment when a guest arrives in his car, parks it at the side of the street in front of the house, gets out of the car and walks up toward the porch without noticing what's going on behind him.

See what happens next in this video shared by TikTok user


"Wow!" exclaims a commenter.

"This happened to me with a stick shift car—in a parking lot at the post office," another user shares. "Thankfully my car had only backed into a parking post!" Yes, it's probably best that only one car was affected in an incident like that.

One user keys in on a detail. "I'm probably wrong but wasn't he parked on the wrong side of the street?" Actually, it does appear that way, for a car heading that direction on that street.

Another user shares a personal story of an event similar to this. "It did that on my Ford Ranger truck. I ran, I fell, it ran over my foot before it finally stopped," he explains. "That hurts."

We imagine that it would certainly hurt to have a truck roll over a foot. We're glad the truck at least stopped. Luckily in the incident in the video and in the stories shared by readers, it doesn't appear anyone got seriously injured.

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