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Watch Napping Soldier React To Crazy Explosive Wake-Up Prank

That had to be at least momentarily terrifying.

This Canadian soldier picked the wrong group of guys to try to take a nap around. The other soldiers appeared to really get a kick out pranking him while he tried to catch some sleep.

Watch what happens in this TikTok video submitted by poster @jacoblilmonster.


"That is very funny but that's also kind of messed up," observes one commenter.

"Who knows, I'd probably still be asleep," says another. "There would be gunshots like right behind my house and I still be asleep. But that is bigger so who knows, hahaha."

One exclaims simply: "LMFAO!!"

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"What was he dreaming about?" wonders one viewer of the video.

"He def is traumatized now," comments another.

All we know is that had to be one loud alarm clock, and we hope he has a good sense of humor.

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