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Watch One Driver's Outrageous Solution To Car Being Blocked On Narrow Road

You get the feeling the driver has done this before.

One car is driving along a narrow road with cement guardrails on each side. The car encounters another car coming the other way. There isn't enough width in the road for the two vehicles to get past each other. 

Watch this driver's wild maneuver to resolve the situation in a video posted by TikTok user @lianggeshuoche.


"I love it, bro," says one commenter.

Another is not so sure: "Better to stay off narrow roads not made for cars."

"He’s a Quadruple James Bond," one user writes as he notices something. "His license plate says it all."

"That's great brother," lauds a viewer of the video. Then he seems to be perhaps a bit sarcastic, writing, "It's a good lesson in day today's lifetime. Wonderful idea. Thank you."

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"I do this everyday," writes a reader.

"Not safe at all," says a video watcher that seems a bit concerned.

One user says simply, "I couldn't continue watching."

"Cool stunt-driving," comments another. "Now let's see civilization try it."

It is a pretty nifty maneuver, but we definitely wouldn't recommend it for every driver. Or for every car, for that matter.

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