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Watch This Video To Find Out What Happens When You Add Oil To Coke and Mentos

Here we see the effect of releasing the commonly known concoction while immersed in oil.

The Mentos in Coke reaction is a well-known phenomenon. But here we see the compelling result when adding oil to the equation. Add a Mentos  to a Coke bottle, immerse in oil, then slowly release the cap. 

Check out what happens in this video posted by TikTok user @tech.


"This is really cool," one commenter writes.

Another quips that this is "me interacting with my mother-in-law."

"Sugar, more sugar, more!!" exclaims a viewer of the video.

"Really amazing," writes another.

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One user speculates on what the bottle is thinking. "The coke is in mode: So I am confused, why is this going up and this going down?"

Another asks, "Is it only me that is looking for the Mentos?" We believe the Mentos is already in the bottle, but you can't see it because the cap is only slowly being opened.

"Let me guess," posits another humorously. "Ahhmmm ... mess?"

If the oil weren't well contained it's fair to say quite a mess is exactly what we'd have. As is, it's a pretty interesting reaction and, if you're into that sort of thing, a bit artistic in a modern art sort of way.

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