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Watch This Wild Video of a Tornado Sweeping Across a Kansas Highway

"Freakin' amazing," writes a commenter.

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This tornado video is posted by TikTok user @twistingfury and this is about as close as we'd want to to get to one of these. 


"Freakin amazing," writes a commenter.

"Why drive towards it?" says a user.

Another agrees: "That's when I would've turned the other way."

"That looks violent as hell," proclaims a viewer of the video.

"All I can hear is, you're right, it’s back-building!' observes another. It may not be accurate, but that’s what comes to mind."

"There really need to be tornado crossing road signs," quips on more.

Yes, those tornadoes certainly do look menacing. We hope everyone managed to see it in time and stay away. But there do seem to be plenty of people that keep driving toward it with a little more nonchalance than we would expect.

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