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Watch Video To Find Out How Experts Predict Human Jupiter 'Landing' in 80 Years

This endeavor involves some clarification about what it would mean to 'land' on the gas giant.

In recently published research, scientists use all kinds of data to make educated guesses about the future of space exploration. Among the startling predictions is that humans will visit Jupiter by 2103, only about 80 years from now.

This video gives a brief but fascinating recap of the prediction and is posted by TikTok user @thegalacticgal (Camille).


Camille clarifies an important aspect of the prediction, saying, "By Jupiter, I mean the Jovian System: aka, Jupiter, its rings, and its Moons. Because right now spacecraft can’t fly through Jupiter and there’s nowhere to land because it’s a gas giant."

A user makes this comment: "It’s a gas planet, so it doesn’t have a surface, just a liquid metallic hydrogen ocean."

"Yes, but land doesn’t have to mean touching a rocket surface like we normally think about it!" Camille replies. "Who’s to say science and tech won’t advance enough for us to be able to land on a gas planet?"

"But politics are so unpredictable," notes a viewer of the video. "I hope it works out."

"I think they are forgetting the human element," writes a commenter with a scary prediction for the future. "We will have killed each other off way before then. We are a grain of sand in the timeline of earth."

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One user asks for something that sounds urgent and practical. "Can I get healthcare??"

Another video viewer has a dystopian prediction and a political opinion: "LOL. We won’t have a habitable planet by 2103 if we don’t kick capitalism to the curb."

"When do we land on the sun?" someone quips.

"I feel like we’ll have bigger fish to fry in 2103," notes a user.

And here's a question from a user about the physics involved in such an effort. "If anyone tried to land on the gas giant Jupiter, wouldn't the gravity make it impossible for them to move?"

We looked this one up on Universe Today and found, "Jupiter is the most massive planet in our Solar System and; therefore, the gravity of Jupiter is the most intense in the Solar System. The gravity of Jupiter is 2.5 times what it is here on Earth." So 2.5 times the gravity makes it a stronger gravitational pull than on Earth, but not enough to make at least this aspect of the endeavor prohibitively impossible to overcome.

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