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Watch Workers React To Prank As Creepy Robot In Car Uses Drive-Through Window

"The 'nooooooo' got me laughing so hard my stomach hurts," writes a commenter.

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In this hilariously well-executed prank, the question is posed about what happens when a ghoulish looking robot rolls up to the drive-through window of a fast-food restaurant at night driving a car.

Find out in this video posted by TikTok user @moodtoobe.


"The nooooooo' got me laughing so hard my stomach hurts," writes a commenter.

"The slow close of the window took me out," laughs another.

Another viewer of the video loved this part: "'Is everything okay?' Shuts window."

"Did you want your sandwich? Turns head, NOOOO!" quotes this user from the video, re-enacting her favorite part.

"The girl fell on the ground!" another exclaims, seemingly in delight.

"Her scream at the end, it looked like and sounded like her soul left her body," observes a video watcher.

One user wants to see more. "Please, another one!" he writes.

This prank is funny, and very effective because it nails an extremely odd sight: a creepy robot driving a car through the drive-through and then acting in startling ways.

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