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Weather Difference On Either Side Of Tunnel Astonishes Viewers of Dashcam Video

This tunnel experience is a bit like a portal to another place entirely.

A tunnel in a mountainous area is shown here on a dashcam video. Before entering the tunnel, the car is traveling along a highway underneath dark, grey and foggy skies. As the car emerges on the other side, we see a transformation that is amazingly stark, and our mood seems to get caught up in the metamorphosis as well. 


The video is shared with us by TikTok user @tech, and reactions from viewers are fun to read.

"That's really cool!" writes commenter @maureenjacobs1.

"The tunnel is like a portal into a different world!" exclaims the creator of the video.

"In La Palma, the island is the same, between the west and the east side of a tunnel," says @jaumepadreny.

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User @breathefitness agrees. "I was about to say the same," he remarks.

"Welcome to Narnia!" imagines @moobz82.

"That's happens in the Caldecott Tunnel in San Francisco East Bay," notes @retriggerme. "Cold foggy weather piles up on the western ocean-facing side of hills. Hot sunny weather on the eastern side."

Video viewer @s1ennamarvel had a bit of a humorous and superstitious reaction to the video. "Anyone else hold their breath when going through the tunnel?" she asks.

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