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Woman Uses AI to Time Travel and It's Pretty Incredible

Honestly, this would be so fascinating to try.

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Artificial intelligence has made incredible strides in so many fields, giving us new possibilities to explore in multiple sectors. As AI continues to learn like humans have over the centuries (and perhaps improve on our processes), it will expand its own capabilities and come up with things we may never have considered on our own. Many wonder if humanity will be able to keep up with the constantly expanding AI and keep using it for the betterment of society.

One aspect of AI that has helped us is the abilities associated with facial recognition and how that can be used. Websites and phone apps have allowed us to use our faces and bodies in various ways, including inserting them into famous works of art. TikTok user @savannahglembin seems to have this one step further. 

Commenters showered the poster with praise. "You should do a photoshoot to represent each of these," suggested Abby Martin. Char asked, "My stunning friend! How did you do this? I want to try this myself!" "Your look has always been timeless to me, and this just proves it," remarked Bree. 

First of all, this is an incredible display of technology, and I can imagine many people would want to try this. If there is a cost associated with this, I bet this would make a terrific gift for a holiday, birthday, or anniversary. It is also really nice to see so much support of someone on a social media platform these days.