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Woman Hilariously Reveals Her 'Realistic' Day Working From Home and People React

A software engineer wakes up one minute before the morning meeting.

Working from home in many professions was already in fashion before the pandemic, but COVID-19 accelerated the growth of the lifestyle. Software engineer and TikTok user @idontbyte decided to make a "realistic/sarcastic" video of what her typical workday is like. 

Is this similar to your experience? Watch the satirical video and compare.


"Waking up one minute before standup is the move," says commenter @snackerstacks.

"1000% accurate!" writes "You did your makeup the night before so it's good to go for standup. Why didn't I think of that?"

"This is very accurate," says video viewer @abdulamite. "My only note is that I just pray no one notices I’ve been wearing the same graphic tee for the last 3 days."

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User @cody_codes_in_chicago adds a note: "You didn’t mention scrolling TikTok any time before noon. I think you might have bent the truth a little bit."

"I miss free food at the office so much," says @dandiestcat. "Also, that 3 p.m. slump hits hard. That's basically my EOD, LOL."

"LOL, the computer in bed is so real," laughs @kelseyscreative.

Reader @fullautoace mentions her dream. "This is the life I look forward to," she comments.

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