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Oops Video! Woman Locks Keys In Her Car and Tries Something That Turned Out Very Badly

She says she locked her common sense in the car as well.

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This woman locked her keys in her car. This is a problem. She thinks she has found a way to solve the problem. Unfortunately for her she arrives at a potential solution that turns out to be a very bad idea.

Watch this video, submitted by TikTok user @iveseenalotoffacades, to see what happens. And try not to cringe.


"Should've just called for someone," says a commenter.

Another asks, "Why looked surprised????? Did you think it wouldn't break????"

To which this one seems to agree: "What she think was gonna happen?"

"Now you never have to worry leaving your key in the car anymore," says this commenter, a bit sarcastically.

And a bit more snark: "I got good news and bad news for you. Good news the door is unlocked!"

There obviously would have been better ways to handle this situation. We hope that the window didn't set her back too terribly much. 

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