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Sneezing Mom On Cam Makes Women Laugh and Say They Relate To What Happens Next

"Happens to the best of us," writes a viewer of the video.

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The porch cam is a great tool of technology that can be a friend and can also catch some awkward moments. This woman is sport enough to post a video of a sneezing incident many would certainly rather be kept private. Readers appreciate her candor and sense of humor as they assure her they know exactly what she is dealing with. If you think you can relate as well, check out the video below. 


The video was posted by TikTok user @faith.salazar.30 and viewers have some lighthearted and sympathetic thoughts to share about the moment.

"Happens to the best of us," writes commenter @__amanda_218.

"Yup," agrees @sashanicole1985. "I knew exactly what happened. Oh, the joys of being a woman."

"My husband kept asking me why do you try to hold your sneezes back," recalls @jessicarose8885. "After asking the millionth time I told him why."

"Bless you," says @sca_precharged.

"This just started happening to me," confesses @maddigascon. "Coughing gets me all the time. Pregnant with third."

"Better run!" exclaims @stone_wall73. "Wait, don't do that. Walk fast."

"The joys of having kids when I cough sometimes, too," admits @aprillynn1988.

"Gotta cross them legs for that second sneeze," counsels @amberrose579. "Always."

"LOL, my boyfriend asked me why I stand like that when I sneeze," laughs @abbagail17. "I said because of you."

"We gotta stand together, mamas," says @faith.salazar.30. Then, she repeats the mantra: "It happens to the best of us."

This is about when we'd point users to sites that sell porch cams, but perhaps we'll wait till next time after this one.

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