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Woman Slowly Regaining Consciousness From Tooth Surgery Hilariously Reacts to Good News

As she battles to regain full consciousness, she is challenged to get a foothold on reality.

A remarkably successful songwriter on social media undergoes tooth surgery. During the procedure, her TikTok account crosses over the 10 million followers mark. As her boyfriend explains this to her, she looks lost. "Are you in my dream or am I in your dream?" she asks, struggling to comprehend the news in her weakened mental state.

Posted to TikTok by @jaxwritessongs, the video below shows her priceless reaction and also reveals the one famous person on her mind as she grapples with the real world.


"Congratulations on 10 million followers!" writes commenter @masonweiss57.

"Are you in my dream or am I in your dream?" repeats @studlogan. "How are we going to just let this one slide?"

The songwriter laughs and replies, "Haha, I'm truly still wondering who's dream it was."

"This is so hilarious and pure all at the same time," observes @chastyn_.

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"Aww, this is so sweet! Congrats, hun!" says @wednesdaywheels. "You're so funny and cute trying to figure it all out."

"LOL, were you checking the backseat for your parents?" asks @coach_anniepetsche.

"This is so genuinely awesome!" exclaims @krw223026. "Selena Gomez, she's definitely a likable person, we all vouch for her! Rest up! Get well soon!"

We agree. This songwriter seems like a great person. She's also a super sport with a great sense of humor for uploading this video and owning it.

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