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X-Ray Vision Is Real, And It Works In A Strange Way

We didn't think the day would come when X-ray vision would become a reality.

Folks, the comic book dreams of yesterday are quickly becoming reality … just not how you imagined them, and not exactly in our own control. We’ve recently learned that X-ray vision technology is not only possible, but it’s already here.

As some might have come to expect, the first applications of something similar to X-ray technology is being employed by Western militaries, thanks to developments by an Israeli company known as Camero.

Here’s how it works, and it’s a little more complicated than just a pair of fancy glasses.


As seen in the video shared by TikTok’s Nifty Nanners, this technology known as Xaver-1000 works with just two steps.

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First, you need to place the Xavier device against the wall through which you’re trying to see. This uses “unique, pulsed-based, UWB micro-power radar technology,” according to Camero.

Then, you need to look through either the X-ray device’s 10.1-inch touchscreen display or a special remote viewing device that needs to be within a certain distance and line of sight of the transmitting device placed upon that wall.

The device also uses artificial intelligence to determine the size, shape, and nature of the targets on the other side of the wall through which it’s looking. This means it can tell the difference between adults, children, and animals.

You can probably imagine the primary use cases for this kind of technology, but Camero specifically lists “military forces, law enforcement agencies, and search and rescue teams” as the most common customers for its technology.

With that in mind, we’re able to separate ourselves from our inner children, and temper our excitement for such a technology. Cool, sure, but probably not so cool to be on the receiving end of such tech.

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