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This Young Leonardo DiCaprio Deepfake Has Viewers Oddly Obsessed

This Leo deepfake is strangely satisfying for some, and downright scary for others.

Deepfakes of celebrities and other public figures have been around for years, but this new trend of younger versions of celebrities is a whole new level.

Take this deepfake of Leonardo DiCaprio … as he appeared in Titanic, which was released 25 years ago.

It’s strange how people are reacting to this one, likely because of the weird feeling it stirs when you watch this face from the past staring at you today.


Leonardo DiCaprio has been an absolute catch throughout his entire adult life and career, which is probably why this deepfake is so affecting, posted by TikToker Jesse Richards.

It’s so weird looking at this deepfake because you almost hear his squeakier voice as you watch.

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This technology is nearing a level of almost complete digital replication, and that alone is frightening on so many levels.

Also, Jesse Richards seems to have a face that’s particularly ideal for mapping these sorts of digital textures that these AI deepfake apps use. Here’s what some viewers are saying about it.

“The technology my grade 9 self just reappeared,” one commenter said.

“I wish another Leonardo DiCaprio look alike could be born,” another commenter said, which we’re sure many folks agree with.

And finally, our favorite take: “You’re scaring me.”

Yeah, we have to agree this is more scary than anything, but impressive nevertheless.

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