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Tricks for Looking More Attractive on 'Zoom' Meetings Are a Recipe for Success

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Zoom (for better and worse) became a standard part of just about everyone's reality in 2020. Some have struggled with it. And why not? It's not like people were used to their coworkers (or worse, their boss) or classmates seeing what their room looked like (That's certainly enough to make me self conscious.) There's also the unfortunate reality to contend with, not everyone necessarily photographs well, adding stress to the already awkward situation that is zoom meetings.

However, some people have found some great hacks to make themselves (and potentially anyone) look better than ever on zoom. As TikTok user @allifromcorporate0 demonstrates in her video.

I wish I'd known about canva before so many of my coworkers (and in 2020 classmates and professors) saw how messy my room was/is. Here's what the internet had to say.

TikTok user @veronicaonamission! loved it, writing, "Yes!! Can you give me the canva tutorial, please." With TikTok user @julieSelf-Care&Declutter chiming in, "I love that canva tip!" And TikTok user @tiktok98765 remarking, "This is a fantastic idea for video interviews!" 

Thought not everyone was sold on the ring lights that user @allifromcorporate0 showed us in her video. TikTok user @Lisa commented, "I can't tell you how much my coworkers would make fun of me if I used that canva background on my zoom calls." To which user @allifromcorporate0 replied, "Caring what they think is your first mistake. Life is short, we're all going to die...Do whatever your heart desires. I support you!" Not only does user @allifromcorporate0 have great tips for making you look better on zoom calls, but she has great life advice too. You can't ask for much more than that.

What do you think? Are you going to give her tips a try on your next zoom meeting?