Which of these can Alexa not do?


I originally wrote this about two years ago, so a lot has changed in that time. I'll be fully updating more things she can't do, and I'd love to hear some requests from viewers about what you'd like her to do (as long as it's appropriate of course).

For now, her language capabilities are still very limited. I'd like her to become a universal translator, and to be capable of multiple languages that you can change in the Alexa app settings.

I'd also like a more advanced version of the Echo Show with full projection capabilities. I want the devices to be fully portable without reliance on any cables or third-party add-ons. And most of all, I'd like her AI to improve substantially.

Updated on April 10, 2018

Original Article:

Top 10 Things Amazon Echo Can't Do Yet
By Krzysztof Willman