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This Is The Boujiest Bimmer Ever Seen – Just Look At That Screen

The new BMW i7 with Swarovski crystal is somehow an even more luxury car than before.

It’s well known that BMW makes some of the most luxurious cars on the planet, but even this is a bit much.

This a heavily upgraded and customized BMW i7 sedan that is packed to the ceiling with high-end features.

After you’re down ogling at the Swarovski crystal headlights, just wait until you see this backseat entertainment screen.


Thanks to car tech TikToker Paul Maric for sharing this video, in which he gets directly to the point. The headlights are cool, yes, but did you see this screen in the backseat?!

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Before we get to that, we have to acknowledge the remote-controlled opening doors — just brilliant to watch. But back to that giant display.

That is a 31.3-inch display with a super sharp 8K resolution, packed with support for Amazon’s Fire TV interface.

However, before you get too hasty, this is a $5,000 option within a $120,000 full-electric car. Bayerische Motoren Werke? More like Boujie Motoren Werke.

“Yeah, I can smell the money,” one commenter said, to which Paul Maric replied, “It smells like Cashmere wool.”

That’s quite the brag — ouch. Well, at least we now know exactly what “money” smells like.

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